Unfortunately, Theme of the Crop is no longer selling their themes.  If you already purchased one of them, it will continue to function properly, but it may be time to move on to something different entirely.

Plate Up

When searching for a WordPress restaurant theme, is important to find one with all the features that your website is going to need. It’s always best to keep the same theme for an extended period of time, it adds branding benefits your website and ensures that your site won’t break if you have to change themes. I’ve seen it happen before, your rankings compliment, all just because you changed web templates. That’s why delete up is such a great and adaptable restaurant theme. This has all the features you could possibly want to run a top-notch restaurant site. You can upload your logo, select colors and fonts and set up your web page to just make you want to look. This SEO friendly theme is great for creating food and beverage menus, there’s an event organizer and a reservation system as well. If you want that testimonials, that’s a possibility to and considering all the other features that this theme offers, I highly recommend it to any restaurant or who needs an incredible website fast.  Check out more food blog themes here.

Here’s a look at Plate Up.

Plate Up WordPress Restaurant Template

Modern, stylish and packed with features. It’s all a very nice combination.

Looks like Theme of the Crop has Theme of the Crapped out.  They’re no longer selling their themes.  Oh well, that’s okay.  If you’d like to see some more great WordPress restaurant themes, check out our collection.  We’ve found a bunch of amazing WordPress themes that you could really find to be beneficial.  We do everything we can to add a variety of great looking themes that have plenty of variety and features that can help make your restaurant website a really successful enterprise.

There are just about as many restaurants as there are people, sometimes it seems that way at least. And every restaurant, just like every person in the world, is a little bit different. We each have our own wants, needs and desires, and restaurants need the ability to reach the most people possible. That’s why I flexible and attractive theme like plate up is such a great choice. I think that with this template you’ll be able to establish really great game plan to win over customers and build your business. really great game plan to win over customers and build your business.

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This is Luigi, a food theme that could also be ideal for wind bars, pubs and other purveyors of fine alcohol.  Theme of the Crop specializes in restaurant themes and this is one of my favorites of theirs, thanks to the classy style, typography and layout.  The style is attractive, simple and well designed.  The features are seemingly endless too, so it’s a great fit for your beer bar, wine shop or other type of business.

Theme of the Crop has created another amazing food related theme called Luigi.  Perfect for all kinds of restaurant websites, Luigi is absolutely among the best themes in this collection.  It stands to reason, Theme of the Crop specializes in restaurant themes.  For upscale bistros and fine Italian restaurants, wood fires pizza places and amazing bar and grill establishments, you can’t beat a theme like Luigi.  Get started fast with user friendly options and customization choices.  Swap out colors and fonts with ease, upload your logo in a snap.  This Luigi WordPress theme is all you need to run your own restaurant and have it be a smashing success.  You’ll be able to accept reservations, show potential diners your food and beverage menu, let folks get to know you with your business profile, create and organize events and plenty more.  This is a full service restaurant theme that’s been rising in popularity since it’s release.

** UPDATE ** Oh no, it looks like the Luigi WordPress theme is no longer available for sale on the Theme of the Crop website. I’m not really sure what happened to your, I did truly enjoy that theme, I thought that it was I really high-quality template that did some good work for both restaurants and wine shops. Oh well, you win some you lose some. There are still plenty of other fantastic WordPress themes out there to help you build a fantastic Wine Shop website. So, I will look at those themes and see if you find something that you love.

Luigi WordPress Fresh Theme for Restaurants

Luigi is a really fun and Powerful theme, I think it perfectly Blends the needs of a wine bar with the needs of a restaurant. That said, perhaps you want something a little bit more specifically related to wine shops and wine bars specifically, maybe the general nature of Luigi is not for you. In that event, you should have a look at our full collection of wine shop themes. These are very specifically related to the winery & Wine Bar industry.

If you’ve got a Vineyard, if you’re doing Wine Tours, if you are selling wine online or at a dedicated Wine Bar, there’s a theme in there for you. These themes are all highly adaptable and customizable, they deliver a fantastic user experience and they can really help you grow your business. So, take a look at that collection and see if you see something that really grabs your attention.

Ensuring that you have a wide array of themes to choose from, that’s what we are all about. Hopefully you can find something that you really love and something that works perfectly for your business. If you know of other Wine Bar themes that we have not included in our collection, we would certainly love to hear about that. Let us know in the comments or send us an email, the choice is yours. We will be back soon with more fantastic themes to help you build and grow your business.

Luigi is a smart looking WordPress theme for upscale restaurants, fine dining, white tablecloth restaurants and Italian restaurants. That’s really specific, though I truly believe that it can work for just about anything. I’ve seen it used for a wide variety of cafes and Bistro type websites, breweries and brew pubs. There’s a handy restaurant reservation system, beautiful food and drink menu, you’ll get a boost to your local SEO by adding your business profile to display address, phone numbers and your hours of operation. It’s all in a Friendly schema.org Market. Add reviews and testimonials to your site with ease, display them in handy widgets on an page or post it.

Hey, let’s have a look at Luigi, shall we?

Luigi WordPress Beautiful Theme for Restaurants

There’s an event organizer to manage special offers, displays special events and plenty more. It’s a third-party plugin, but it is integrated perfectly and works right for all websites. There is a free version of this theme, though I think it is worth looking into the premium version. The premium version of Luigi has custom booking fields, that allows you to plan your dinner service better with restaurant reservations. Any dietary restrictions can be mentioned during the custom booking process. There are email templates that are beautiful and branded, it really makes me impact on your readers when they get a consistent message from your website.

Luigi plus also supports MailChimp, that allows you to build a subscriber list 2 help grow your business space. There’s the ability to export bookings in a PDF or an Excel file, that way you can quickly add customer data to your email list and continue to grow your website. With food and drink menu Pro, if you get an upgraded food and beverage menu with Gorgeous icons, optional discounted prices, a notes feature and more.

Luigi is a wonderful template for building a great looking website, but is it going to be perfect for everyone?  Of course not.  We’ve gathered up a collection of dozens of outstanding restaurant themes that may prove to be useful.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

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The Spot

The Spot is vibrant WordPress restaurant theme for bars, pubs and other food and beverage related establishments. Building a website for a bar and grill? This theme could be perfect for you. Are you creating a portal for a new brew pub? The adaptability and style of The Spot makes it a great candidate for that as well. This theme allows you to take reservations using your favorite reservations system, you’ll be able to upload your logo and a custom background image to help brand your website. Of course, fonts and colors are always easy to edit, so you won’t have to spend hours waiting through hundreds and thousands of options to get your side looking just like you want it.

Let’s take a brief look at the home page of The Spot.

The Spot Clean, Modern Restaurant Theme for WordPress

If you’d like to add reviews and testimonials to your side, you can quickly and easily display them and post, Widgets or Pages. There’s an event organizer to offer a weekly discount offerings, show your events calendar and more. Add Yoast SEO for building an incredible and Powerful traffic generating website. If you want to see the premium features, there’s email templates, MailChimp support, export bookings and food and drink menu Pro. There’s also custom fluke booking fields and I think that all in all the premium version of this game is worth it, though the free version is pretty powerful as well.

I think it’s a very modern and stylish WordPress template, probably best suited for modern bars and restaurants. I’m not sure that if you have a country cafe style business that this is the right thing. Fortunately, there are tons of other great WordPress themes out there that you can choose from.  If this theme isn’t right for your needs, maybe you’d be interested in our collection of premium WordPress restaurant themes.  We’ve scoured the web to find some incredible stuff and there’s a real variety of themes in that collection that can be helpful when you’re selecting a great template for your website.

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Theme of the Crop is known for their fresh take on creating awesome restaurant, bar and pub websites.  They’ve made a really, really nice one with The Spot.  This theme is relaxed, it’s comfortable, it’s unpretentious.  This could be a great theme for a gastropub, a neighborhood bar and grill or maybe even a wine bar.  The theme can be adapted to fit your brand though, so no matter what kind of website you’re building for any type of establishment, it’s very simple and straightforward to make a really custom result, even as a beginner.  The Spot allows for reservations to be accepted online, there’s plenty of options for displaying your food and beverage menu, there’s the business profile section for boosting your local SEO rankings.  You’ll be able to add reviews, create events and build awesome contact forms with Ninja Forms.  If you need a restaurant theme, this is one of the best around.

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Theme of the Crop’s Augustan WordPress theme could be the perfect web template for your winery or wine shop.  Sommeliers of all kinds love this theme and it’s simple to see why.  The design is clean, elegant and modern.  Augustan loads up incredibly fast and it’s coded with tons of care so it works as well as it looks.  That’s a nice combination.  Augustan was crafted as a high end restaurant template, but it’s just at home as a wine shop template.  There’s a food and drink menu, events organizer, business profile and a lot more.  If you own a winery or you’re building a website for somebody who does, Augustan could be a fantastic choice.

Augustan is a classic, classy restaurant theme for WordPress by Theme of the Crop.  They are a dedicated team of theme makers and WordPress developers who have created a handful of highly specialized WordPress restaurant themes that you should absolutely consider for your website.  If you want a clean, classic layout, plenty of attractive options for building a food menu, a responsive design and an easy to manage set of customization tools, a Theme of the Crop theme like Augustan could be a great choice.

Traditional and elegant, classy and professional, Augustan lets you set your new website up quickly, allowing you to add content, add a food menu, customize colors, upload your font and more.  It’s everything you need to make a totally professional, custom look for your site.  The built in reservation system lets you take online reservations, it even allows for email notifications to remind people of their reservation time.  Food and drink menus, a business profile for building your local SEO, event organizer, reviews and testimonials and it works with Yoast SEO for really helping build traffic.

**UPDATE** Well, I’m not really sure what exactly happened here, but Theme of the Crop has decided to do away with the Augustan WordPress theme. Unfortunately, this theme is no longer available for sale. It’s a real shame, I thought that it was a really high-quality theme I mean, that’s why I had it included in this collection. That said, we have gathered up plenty of other great looking themes that are ideal for restaurants and Vineyards. You can take a look at those to see if you find something that you really like.  Here’s our collection of WordPress wine shop themes.

Augustan WordPress Restaurant, Wine Bar Theme

While Augustan is a really cool combination theme, perfectly balancing the needs a restaurant with that of a more traditional Wine Bar, it’s true that this theme might not be exactly what you want. If you have more specific needs, you might want to have a look at our collection of themes for wine bars, wine shops and wineries. That collection is a large and growing assembly of templates that are perfect for any wine shops needs. Wine is a booming business, it seems like it’s getting bigger and bigger every day.

There are so many wineries, wine bars and wine shops out there, and the market cap is staggering. It’s well over sixty billion dollars, that’s just in the United States. I think that any one of the themes in that collection can help you sees a piece of the pie for yourself. Take a look at the collection and let us know what you think, if you know of another great line related theme that is not in our collection, please let us know about it. Either sent us an email or simply make a comment and we will review each and everything that you submit.

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Augustan is a WordPress theme that as set out to change the way we look at WordPress restaurant themes. I think it’s done a really good job of doing just that, this traditionally elegant template is perfect for high-class restaurants. This is probably not going to be the perfect team for a local Diner, but a steakhouse or fine Italian restaurant, something with a white tablecloth, is going to look great you lies any of this template. Augustan is very easy to set up and it makes your site look amazing no matter what.

Here’s a sneak peek at the front page of this amazing theme.

Augustan Classy WordPress Restaurant, Wine Bar Theme

Classy, right?

Your branding is incredibly important and this template realizes that. You can upload your websites logo, change the fonts to fit your printed menus and adapt the colors to the point where it looks exactly like you wanted to look. This is a top-notch WordPress theme that has both a free and premium version. I think it’s certainly well worth looking into Augustan Plus, you get several additional features that really make it a winner. There’s food and drink menu Pro, an upgraded version of the free food and beverage menu maker. It allows you to add beautiful icons, show pricing discounts as well as supplier notes. You get email templates to brand with your logo and fonts, and that works hand in hand with MailChimp to keep your customers updated with what you have to offer.  Check this out for more WooCommerce themes.

This SEO friendly theme can really help your website rank for local SEO too, your business profile is very easy to build and it’s something that a lot of things seem to overlook. Google is going to be your friend when it comes to building a customer base, the more people that find you restaurant, the better. And when those customers go to make a reservation, it’s very easy to accept or reject bookings and even send email notifications to gently remind customers of their reservations.

I really love the Augustan theme and the features are equal to the task of crafting a wonderful restaurant website, but I assume it’s not going to be right for everyone out there.  That’s why you may find our collection of themes to be very helpful.  We keep adding new themes all the time and I’m sure you can find something in that collection to be very useful.

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