Best Single Page WordPress Business Themes

We’ve gathered up a bunch more of the vert best one page/single page WordPress themes for you to have a look at.  We’ve already built an even bigger collection of one page WordPress themes, which you should absolutely check out but this is simply meant to add to that comprehensive list. X The X WordPress […]

Best WordPress Parallax Themes

We’ve selected the absolute best WordPress Parallax themes on the market today these amazing looking WordPress themes are perfect for businesses for portfolios personal blog sites corporate websites and pretty much anything else that you can imagine we’ve tried to gather up a wide variety of themes from many different sources so that everyone can […]

WordPress Parallax Themes, Smooth Scrolling, One Page and Creative Portfolios

What does parallax have that static sites don’t?  It’s easy.  Wow factor. A great parallax theme is a real attention getter, it can mean the difference between your users simply scrolling through your content and really engaging with it. We’ve hand selected some of the finest WordPress parallax themes around and brought them to you in […]