Simple and Clean, packed with features and easy-to-use, these are the absolute best minimal style WordPress themes anywhere. We have found all of the absolute best themed around and brought them together in this collection. Minimal design has been around since the very beginning of time, in terms of web design, this appealing style is getting more and more popular. Websites I have often tried to add so many features and design choices that the result can be a bit overwhelming. Minimalist design tries to put a stop to all of that. That doesn’t mean that these themes don’t have all the features that you are looking for in a web template. Quite the contrary, these themes in this collection are packed with seizures, easy to use and easy to manage. The great thing is, your content will be the center of the universe. In terms of style, a minimal WordPress theme can be a really great choice for anyone who wants

Zeen, Minimalist Magazine Theme

Zeen, Stylish and Popular Magazine Theme for WordPress

Zeen is an ideal theme for creating simple magazine layouts.

This sleek and modern theme has a glossy look and it’s code is just as polished. If you’re looking for I’m minimal theme to present any sort of content, from lifestyle blogs to travel blogs, fashion and travel as well, Zine does a great job of making your content the star of the show. This is a user-friendly theme that is very simple to adapt to fit your needs. A next-generation magazine theme that it’s well worth considering if you’re looking for a minimalist Style.

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Eris, Clean, Simple Blog Theme

Eris Clean Minimalist WordPress Photo Portfolio Theme

Clean, minimal blogs like Eris don’t come around every day.

Eris is a portfolio theme that presents your content professionally. The focus of your reader will be clearly placed on your images and your written material. This is a streamlined theme that leaves nothing to chance, it’s God a bull design that is definitely minimal in style, even though it offers a bit of flair that some of the other themes in this collection do not.

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Divi, Powerful Page Builder Theme

Divi WordPress Portfolio Theme

Divi is one of the most powerful WordPress WooCmmerce themes around and with so many pre-made styles, you’re bound to find something you love.

Divi is one of the most popular page builder themes ever created. This powerful and popular WordPress theme comes with thousands of community made designs, meaning that no matter what look you are attempting to achieve, it’s going to be possible with Divi’s powerful drag-and-drop page builder system.

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Pheromone, Minimalist Portfolio Theme

Pheromone, WordPress Minimal Theme for Creative Companies

Pheromone is a minimalist style blog and portfolio theme with all the modern features your website needs.

Pheromone is highly adaptable, it’s very simple to customize and comes with plenty of different design styles to choose from right off the bat. If you’re looking for a flexible and dynamic theme that can present your content in a professional and attractive way, this is definitely one to consider.

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Soledad, Best Selling Multipurpose Blog Theme

Soledad Multipurpose Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

With Soledad, you get a popular, powerful theme with over 5000 different demo styles to choose from.

Soledad it is incredibly popular as well. This is certainly among the most thought of requesting means available and it is clear to see why. This thing obviously does something right in terms of General design and with so many pre-made looks to choose from, you’re absolutely going to find something that you love.

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Kleanity, Clean Blog and eCommerce Theme

Kleanity WordPress Simple Clean White Space theme

Kleanity is a clean, simple, minimalist and straightforward WordPress theme for building an amazing website.

If you are building a blog or selling products online, you’ll want a WordPress theme that unmistakably present your content in a professional and attractive way. That’s how you can increase sales, making your offerings look as appealing as possible. Kleanity does just that.

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Aperitive, Minimal Theme for Restaurants

Aperitive Minimalist WordPress restaurant blog theme

Aperitive has a clean look for blogs about food, lifestyle and travel.

Though it has an incredibly simple look, this powerful WordPress mean filled with the kinds of features that make it a true premium theme.A If you’re looking for a way to clearly and simply present your content, Aperitive is a fine choice.  Here’s our full round-up of restaurant themes for WordPress.

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Shutter, Minimal Photography Portfolio Theme

Shutter WordPress Minimalist ThemeFuse Theme

Shutter is among the best WordPress themes around for building a beautiful portfolio for your photography.

There are five different demo Styles included with the shutter or Christian, each one of them is clean and simple, smoothly functioning and highly adaptable, even if you are a beginner, you will find this theme among the easiest to get started with.

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Eames, Minimalist Blog and eCommerce Theme

Eames Minimalist Blog, Portfolio and WooCommerce Theme

Eames is a simple, straightforward WordPress theme for modern blogs.

If you’ve been looking for a WordPress theme that has plenty of features but one of the simplest designs on the internet, aims maybe the theme that you’re looking for. It’s unmistakable when you see this game, it is absolutely plain to see that it is one of the most minimalist themes available, yet it still has plenty of features that make it an attractive option.

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Inverto, Minimal Blog Theme with Portfolio

Inverto Clean Modern Minimal WordPress Theme

Inverto gives you a strong base for creating a wonderful experience for your users.

Inverto has a clean cut black and white color palette, simple navigation and all the features that you expect from a premium theme. It’s very simple to use and simple to customize and judging by how many times this theme has been downloaded, it is evidently quite popular with users.

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Noemi, Simple Lifestyle Blog Theme

Noemi WordPress Lifestyle Blog and Magazine theme

Noemi is a lifestyle blog theme with clean, modern and minimalist style and plenty of features to make it one of the best lifestyle blogs around.

This lifestyle Blog theme offers features and functionality that you can’t find just anywhere. The presentation of your content is straightforward and makes it look as good as it can. It’s always smart to find a WordPress theme that does the best possible job of making your content appealing and this theme does all that and more.

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Roua, Minimalistic Blog and Portfolio

Roua Clean Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you’ve been looking for a minimalist portfolio theme to properly display your latest projects, Roua is a solid option.

This portfolio theme is highly adaptable and simple to manage, it makes your tennis schedule webmaster all the easier when you have the amount of flexibility that this theme offers.

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Amio, Simple, Modern, Minimal Blog Theme

Amio Clean, White Space Filled WordPress minimal theme

Amio has a simple, highly graphical design that presents your content in a professional and clear-cut manner.

Amio is incredibly clean, contemporary and it focuses your readers attention where it matters most, on your content. This theme really showcases your posts and Pages, your projectsucts  and your work in a positive light.

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Awesome, Minimalist Photography Portfolio Theme

Awesome WordPress Minimalist Themes

Awesome is a clean, minimal WordPress theme for building amazing photography portfolios, even if you’re new to WordPress.

Awesome is a theme that helps you express yourself, readers are really going to respond to just have Simple and Clean the layout is, how great it makes photos look and how simple it is to navigate around your website.

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Underwood, Minimalist Lifestyle Blog Theme

Underwood WordPress minimalist Blog themes

Underwood is a stylish but minimal personal and professional blog theme that has tons of features to make it one of the best choices for a minimal blog around.

The Underwood WordPress theme is well structured and full of bold elements that help set it apart from the other minimalist themes in this collection. Built on the Rock Steady bootstrap framework, this user-friendly theme is mobile first and delivers a fantastic user experience.

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Elegance Pro, Minimalist Genesis Framework Blog Theme

Elegance Pro WordPress Minimalist Blog Themes

Elegance Pro is a Genesis Framework theme that has a beautiful style, clean code and tons of customization options to keep everyone happy.

Elegance Pro is the right blend of features and functionality, all with a beautiful, modern style that you are going to love. This is a fresh face clean with the latest features and modern style, ideal for blogs that want attention without being a distraction.

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Arnold, Minimalist Blog Theme

Arnold Minimalist WordPress Blog Template

Arnold is a blog theme with modern style, lots of white space and plenty of features to make it work for any type of content.

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Incanto, Exquisite, Enchanting Blog Theme

Incanto Clean, Modern WordPress Minimalist Theme

Incanto is a stylish, minimal blog and portfolio theme that allows you to create a website that looks just like you want it to look.

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Zarja, Feminine Lifestyle Blog Theme

Zarja Feminine WordPress Blogging Theme

Just because this theme has a bit of feminine style to it, doesn’t mean that Zarja isn’t a classic minimalist beauty.  Here are some more fantastic feminine WordPress themes.

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Pond, Clean, Pure Photo Portfolio Theme

Pond WordPress Minimalist Digital Agency Theme

Pond is a simple portfolio theme that has an amazing, minimalist style about it.

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Nouveau, Uncomplicated Blogging Theme

Nouveau WordPress Multipurpose Minimalist Theme

Nouveau is an uncomplicated WordPress blog theme that offers plenty of features to make your website look amazing.

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Collecto, Minimal Blog and Magazine Theme for Content Creators

Collecto WordPress Minimalist Magazine Themes

Collecto is a minimalist magazine theme with the look of a glossy magazine like GQ or Vogue.

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Moment, Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme

Moment Magazine Theme with Funky Clean Minimal Design

Moment has a little fun with minimalist style, giving you an amazing platform to share your content with the world.

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Brittany, Blogging Theme with Simple Style

Brittany Minimalistic WordPress Theme

Brittany is a simple lifestyle blog that works well for almost any type of content, certainly worth considering for your next project.

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Beatrix, Practical eCommerce Theme with Blog

Beatrix Handmade eCommerce Minimalist theme

The Beatrix WordPress theme is ideal for eCommerce websites that need a functional, stylish and minimal presentation for their products.

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Eero, Simple, Modern and Efficient Blog Theme

Eero WordPress Minimalist Blog and Portfolio Theme

Eero has everything that you need to make a very attractive blog, portfolio and e-commerce website all rolled into one.

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Weston, Drag and Drop Theme with Modern Style

Weston ultimate Minimalist Style WordPress Theme

Weston is a modern WordPress theme with multiple demo styles to choose from, each one with a simple layout that is attractive and highly functional.

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Meltony, Practical, Modest Blog and Shop Theme

Meltony - Minimal Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

The Meltony WordPress theme is a minimalist WordPress theme that is a fantastic way to establish a high-quality website quickly and efficiently. Uline

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Simply, Elegant, Simple, Clean Blog Theme

Simply Pro WordPress All Around Minimal Blog Theme

Simply Elegant is a fantastic lifestyle Blog theme that has a very clear presentation for your contact, and unyielding commitment to simple design that is highly functional and makes for a great first impression.

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Suarez, Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Suarez Clean Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Suarez is a lifestyle Blog theme with an intriguing design that is both conventional and groundbreaking, the minimalistic design presents your connent first and foremost.

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Tabor, Personal Blogging Theme with Minimal Style

Tabor WordPress Minimalist Home Page Theme

Tabor is a professional lifestyle and personal Blog theme that is fast living, minimal in style but offers plenty of features to keep everyone happy, including your visitors.

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No Sidebar Pro, Minimal Genesis Framework Blog

No Sidebar Pro Clean, Ultra Minimal Theme

Built on the Genesis framework, No Sidebar Pro keeps things incredibly simple by presenting your content as the star of the show.

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Monochrome, Minimal Blog for Genesis Framework

Minimalist Pro WordPress Creative Agency Theme

Monochrome Pro uses a beautiful black and white color scheme to place focus on your content, this modest and unpretentious theme has a basic look but offers you loads of features and flexibility.

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Dorsey, Simple, Clear WordPress Blog Theme

Dorsey Minimalist Blog, eCommerce and Portfolio theme

With an incredibly clear presentation of your content, this minimal WordPress theme is easy to use and yet it is filled with features that make it a Charming at peeling theme for any type of content.

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Create, Minimalist Drag and Drop Blog Theme

Create themeTrust WordPress Minimalist Business Template

Create offers a simple design with tons of features that can only be found in a true premium theme, it offers a drag-and-drop page builder and the flexibility to create a website that does everything you needed to do quickly and efficiently.

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CoupShop, eCommerce Theme with Minimal Style

CoupShop Minimalist WordPress eCommerce Theme

Coupe shop is an e-commerce team that has a fantastically simple design that clearly present your content and your products and professional way, making your visitors really pay attention to what it is that you have to offer.

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Milo, Minimal Personal Blog Theme

Milo Minimalist WordPress Multipurpose Themes

With a highly functional design and modern, user-friendly style, Milo is a minimal WordPress personal Blog theme that will wow your visitors wall remaining true to its minimalist roots.

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Mella, Minimal eCommerce WordPress Theme

Mella - Minimalist Ajax WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Mela is a simple eCommerce WordPress theme that has all the features and functionality you’re looking for to create fantastic platform to sell your products.

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