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The Flavour

A delightfully crisp and clean layout, along with a subtle yet powerful parallax scrolling feature, provides the Flavour a place one of the best WordPress themes to get a restaurant, cafe, catering business, deli, food truck, food cart or any other sort of food service industry site. The Flavour is ultimately customizable, responsive in every way and retina ready, so it will look great on any apparatus or on a conventional desktop display.

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We all know you’ll like them that make it incredibly easy to design and create a parallax brand new WP site really fast! Parallax WordPress Themes are a super-sweet method for designers and freelancers to create themselves a beautiful and beneficial WP parallax set up quickly. Nonus does this and more. I bet you will agree, the simple design and layout of the great theme is very great and everyone will have a good time with their own time on your website. This almost unbelievably simple and capable WP theme is crawling with wicked-good features. Nonus is ready to think you. This WP parallax theme is a fantastic way for companies to have a beautiful online parallax page made with ease. The basic look of this theme is very exquisite and your viewers is going to have a fantastic time with their visit. This simple and enjoyable and supreme theme is cram packed with splendid qualities. Nonus is fun. We know you’ll enjoy them that make it simple to build a parallax new website fast!

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This might be a unique and enjoyable blog theme, a professional looking corporate page or an great portfolio site, all with amazing parallax design. Mercurial has the capability to be a really fun, well rounded theme, regardless of what business you are in. We know you’ll enjoy them that make it almost unbelievably simple to design and generate a parallax site with virtually no problems! The very best WordPress parallax themes an excellent way for designers and freelancers to get themselves a functional and inspirational WP parallax set up right from the box. The basic layout and design of the WordPress theme is incredibly fun and all of your visitors will have a good time with their time on your site. This very straightforward and feature rich theme is completely packed with unrivaled elements Parallax style WP themes can be a money-making method for freelancers and companies to generate a professional looking parallax page made quickly. The complete features and layout of this fantastic theme is very well-crafted and all of your visitors will enjoy their time on your site. This simple and great WordPress theme is packaged with some very excellent items. They are astounding! that makes it easy to create a parallax new page in no time flat style!


What do you get when you blend the rock-steady code and features of Twitter Bootstrap, plus amazing parallax styling along with a lot of amazing nd unique features? You get Kyte, a flat designed, responsive WordPress parallax portfolio theme, that is what. Kyte is great for all sorts of artists. Creative agencies, freelancers, photographers, studios and much more will benefit from the fantastic design and lightning-fast load times. This stunning theme will not put you back an arm and a leg either. It’s really reasonably priced.


907 is a parallax scrolling wordpress theme which has a fun layout and a lot of cool features and choices. The best parallax websites have one thing in common, parallax scrolling on the front page and tons of places for all your articles. 907 matches the bill. You can swap out parallax sections page by page too and even post by article, so things will always feel and look fresh, which makes you look like a winner. Parallax WordPress templates also have never looked so great.

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Scrn is a single webpage, parallax WordPress theme that has taken ThemeForest by storm. With more than 6000 earnings and counting this theme has excellent support and a great deal of features that have made it a popular choice with web developers and WordPress newbies alike. I guess there’s something to SCRN’s smooth scrolling parallax pages and the amazing looking portfolios you can construct with ease. Promote your work. Win friends and influence customers. This 1 pager parallax theme is just what you’ve been looking for.


I said it when it first came out, Ego is one of the best WordPress parallax themes of 2014. I thought it then and I still believe it today, revisiting this theme a couple months down the line. Ego has a slick one page parallax layout that jumps off the page with style and sass. This would be ideal for a freelancer or small design firm who requires a WordPress theme with passion and impact that actually drives prospective clients crazy. Impress them with your portfolio will look totally magnificent.


SimpleKey is a parallax theme for wordpress that’s going to knock your socks off using beautiful features and a really great look. Parallax themes are extremely popular now and there are a great deal of new themes that just don’t live up to the hype. Simple Key has been around the block and it’s still among the very best parallax portfolio themes we have seen. Any kind of designer will benefit from this unbelievable layout.

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Nature is a creative, green themed responsive in every way one page parallax WordPress theme created so that ad agencies, freelance designers and web developers can flaunt their wares with substance and style. If your organization is doing the whole’green business’ thing, Nature is a great theme to pick. This parallax scroller is current with the latest coding and it’s under the radar that it you won’t have a million other folks using the exact same theme. That is nice.


Parallax themes for WordPress have struck a new height with’Reversal’, a well crafted and enjoyable one page parallax theme. This one is a little different though: it scrolls horizontally. Pretty cool, huh? The design is minimalist but tasteful. Additionally, it is responsive, so it’ll look great on each and every device, each single time you get a new visitor. This parallax wordpress theme compresses all of the latest, greatest programming, such as CSS and Javascript, which means this website loads up at cheetah-speed. This assists with the SERP’s, that is for sure.

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This parallax WordPress theme could be observed on lots of leading sites on the internet, but you might not notice right away. That’s because this parallax theme is truly customizable, so that each and every site built with Jarvis will look totally different. I have employed this theme personally and I think that it actually looks great and it’s simple to use. For a parallax WordPress theme, that’s key and you may count on Jarvis working right the first time. There is not anything to get in the way of your content. That helps build an audience. This user-friendly, adaptable, modern, well made and attractive WordPress theme lets you supervise shipping and inventory, expand your business, promote brand new product, get in contact with clients and market old things and more.

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