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Pekko, Minimalist Photographer’s Portfolio Theme

November 25, 2019
Pekko WordPress Photography Dark Minimalist Theme

With Elementor, you can use any of the different design elements to create highly functional and interesting layouts. Sometimes, beginning WordPress users shy away from drag-and-drop Page builder seems, but it shouldn’t be the case. You don’t have to be an expert in terms of design or with regard to coding to make the most of it. The built-in page editor let you drag and drop content anywhere you want it and edit it in real time. It can really help to improve your workflow and the way you create posts and pages for your site.

The interface offers maximum control over layouts and everything is very streamlined. Your work process may never be the same if you choose to use a great-looking theme like this one and a powerful page builder like Elementor.  Minimalist layouts are so hot right now.

This is a minimalist WordPress photographers theme that makes absolutely certain that your visitors attention is focused squarely on your images. The design is not overbearing and that can be a great way to make sure people experience your images the way you want them to. Not all themes that are minimalist in style offer a gorgeous dark background like this one does, but I think that it does a really interesting job of setting off your images. Particularly if your images themselves are generally taken with a light colored background. It can really help to create the perfect frame to make your images practically leave off the screen and slap people in the face with their awesomeness.

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