We’ve gathered up the very best WordPress writer’s themes we could find, so if you’re a blogger, a novelist, a short story writer or a screenwriter, we think these great writing-centric themes could be a great choice for your website.

What does it take to make a great website for a writer?  Typography, layout, design, features, they all have to go hand in hand to give your readers a wonderful experience.  Let’s not forget, a great writing theme for WordPress should be easy to use on your end too.  That’s why we’ve picked out so many fantastic WordPress themes that we think you’ll enjoy.

Author Pro

Author Pro WordPress writers blog theme

Author Pro is a theme that was specifically crafted for writers, whether it’s bloggers, novelists, authors or poets.  WordPress writer’s themes should all have incredible typography, making written content clear, legible and impactful.  There are definitely images involved as well, but Author Pro is all about written content.  With intuitive design, a layout that’s built for showcasing your written work in a very positive light, Author Pro is a fantastic theme for any sort of writing.  The last thing a writer wants to do is spend time messing around with their site’s code.

This incredible Genesis Framework child theme makes sure you won’t have to do that.  It’s completely packed with features, like complete responsiveness, that can make your website a real winner and help take it to another level of performance and results, not to mention user experience for both admin and end user alike.  What kind of theme works best for a travel blog?  Or a great WordPress personal blog theme?  I think that Author Pro could very be exactly what you want and you can even sell your books or eBooks with your very own online shop.  That’s powerful!

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collecto wordpress minimalist writer's theme

What kind of WordPress theme works best for writers?  One that’s simple to look at, one with great typography for headlines and body content, one that lets the written material speak for itself, but has accents of colorful photographs if the mood strikes you.  One theme that checks all those boxes is called Collecto, from Themes Kingdom.  Collecto is minimalist in style, but that doesn’t mean it lacks great features.  Collecto is responsive for perfect display on all devices.

This theme says it was inspired by old newspapers and magazines and it’s clear to see why, the layout and typography are very reminiscent of old periodicals.  Collecto employs a new grid based system that’s clean, modern and timeless.  With Collecto, all your writing will look fantastic.  The single page layouts are particularly nice and attractive, you can see all that and more information in the demo site.

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Collective WordPress Non Profit Organization Theme

This is Collective, a little something different on our list of favorite writing themes.  Collective is built to be a multi-author WordPress theme, though it works great as a personal or professional blog too.  With Collective, you can set up a collaborative blog.  Maybe it’s a gaming guild, maybe it’s a group of people with a common interest like the environment or sports, maybe it’s a company with multiple bloggers working to create more traffic and get their business out there.

Collective has a custom post type for each member.  They can create a unique biography, share social media links, highlight their position within the company or group, even display a custom Twitter feed.  This theme was built on the Seed framework, which features a responsive grid, retina ready display, tons of page templates, short codes and more.  With Collective, you can even sell products with WooCommerce, use featured videos and more.  Completely responsive, Collective loads fast, is bloat free and the most important thing, it makes your writing look incredibly professional and beautiful, no matter what.

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Aesthetic WordPress blog writers theme

For bloggers and writers who want a stylish and professional looking theme with just a hint of elegant, feminine style, consider Aesthetic.  This template is purely responsive, so it looks great on every available electronic device, it’s totally customizable, letting you structure your site how you want to structure it, all with just a couple clicks.  Totally flexible in terms of colors and fonts, Aesthetic’s visual page builder is a great way to drag and drop any element anywhere you want it to be, giving you full control over how to display your writing.  And if you need to sell products, Aesthetic supports WooCommerce, which could come in handy for many of you writers out there.

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HelloMouse Writer's WordPress Theme

Authors who want a distraction free environment for their written content should really consider HelloMouse, a theme by CSSIgniter, made for writers of all kinds.  The simple, minimal design lends itself to almost any type of written material.  HelloMouse is completely responsive, so it will look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop, you’ll have complete control over every design aspect in the entire theme with HelloMouse’s live customizer, there are custom widgets, this theme loads fast and it’s also very well supported.

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Blogue WordPress theme for writers

Blogue is a fantastic theme for writers, since it’s got a clean layout, it’s doesn’t need a lot of images to create a dynamic user experience.  But if you do choose to have a ton of images in your site, you can do that too.  For writers, clean typography is key and I think the choice of fonts in the demo are pretty solid, easy to read and neutral enough for any kind of blog, maybe travel, maybe lifestyle, maybe personal essays.  Pretty much anything looks great with Blogue.

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Melbourne wordpress theme for writers


Melbourne is a creative, minimalist portfolio and blog theme, great for a writer who wants a speedy theme with no distractions from an overly designed site template.  Melbourne is a portfolio theme as well, but I think the way the standard blog looks is a really nice idea for a blog, but you’ll need to have images for every post.  If you want a really minimalist style, we’ve got a collection that might interest you here.  But back to Melbourne, it’s incredibly light and simple, so I believe it’s a great solution for writers who don’t want their site bogged down with extraneous code.  Melbourne was built with Visual Composer, it’s got a powerful and dynamic theme options panel, AJAX portfolio details, an installation wizard to help get you set up quickly and efficiently.  All in all, I think it’s a good pick for a writer’s blog theme.

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Maker Pro

Maker Pro WordPress Blog Theme

Maker Pro is a wonderful theme for just about any kind of creative pursuit, from blog writers to graphic designers, novelists to photographers, the Maker Pro theme is, simply put, a gorgeous theme that presents your work in a professional and creative manner.  Readability and usability.  That’s ultimately what a great WordPress theme can help you achieve and Maker Pro gets the job done very, very well.

A powerful Genesis Framework child theme like Maker Pro is totally filled with features that make your site great and since Maker Pro is completely responsive, it will look incredible on any browser, any kind of mobile device and it works great for all kinds of creative sites.  Maker Pro is great for anyone in any creative field, particularly if you don’t want to have to mess around with coding, since the entire theme is flexible enough to change the look with just a few clicks.

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Dorsey WordPress minimalist writing blog theme

What makes for a great WordPress writer’s theme?  Well, I think it’s a concentration on written content above all else.  Dorsey is a simple, clean, modern, easy to use and beautiful minimalist writer’s theme for WordPress.  With Dorsey, your content is the star of the show, thanks to the slim, midcentury modern inspired designs, the great looking, understated typography and the responsive design.  This theme is ideal for any sort of writer.  The images look great, but they’re not overpowering.  The perfectly accentuate your written content and since this theme was created by Made by Minimal, you get a year of awesome support and guidance setting the theme up and getting the most out of it.  Dorsey is also WooCommerce ready, so if you want to sell your products on your site, it’s easy to do that.  Selling books, eBooks, newsletters…you name it, Dorsey can handle it with incredible style.

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