Best WordPress Small Business Themes

With so many competitors out there, it really doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, the competition is going to be very difficult to overcome.  If you want to run a successful small business, you need an incredible WordPress theme to help make your operation a bigtime success story.  That’s where these themes come into play.

Even big businesses go under every day and nobody wants to be that kind of statistic.  More and more businesses are turning to pre-made WordPress themes to help them create and manage a successful online portal.  As Bob Dylan said, the times they are a changin’ and with so many passionate, talented entrepreneurs out there, folks who are perhaps more business savvy than they are comfortable with creating a website from scratch, it makes sense that these WordPress themes are more popular than ever.

Small businesses need room to grow and business owners need all the proper tools to help them succeed.  With your fledgling enterprise, you need to help to efficiently carve out a niche, a customer base to help reach the widest audience possible.  That’s why we’ve created this list of the very best small business WordPress themes so you don’t have to go scouring the internet to find a listing of solid, trustworthy, well supported and well designed templates.


Welcome to our outstanding totally responsive design. What makes this theme so outstanding is its ability to adapt to every type of screen size. This new site comes with several distinct layouts, each meant to make the most of your user’s experience when surfing on mobile phones and tablets. No longer will they need to zoom and scroll to view your site, as the template’s layout can change to the tablet screen and display your posts in an visceral way automatically. Just try resizing your browser’s window size when scoping out the theme to see the amazing effect in real life!


Kalium is a brand new WordPress template that is built and programmed specifically to showcase your blog and any kind of portfolio you want to show off.  Kalium is feature filled and well coded, so it works for nearly anyone who needs a portfolio that is dynamic and engaging, responsive and modern, with enough responsive style to look great on every device.  There are tons of theme layouts and options available to make sure your site looks great and has every cool gadget that you want to have to make blogging easy.  Kalium has in depth and comprehensive support, it loads fast and the short codes included can be used on any page and even in widgetized areas.

This theme can be translated into any language too and the handy content builder makes sure you’ll have a lot of options when creating new content for your page.  Responsive design and full browser support means you won’t have to worry about losing traffic because the theme doesn’t load properly on some devices.  Kalium works on every device, every time.  Professionals and rookie WordPress aficionados alike will love the way this theme looks and reacts.  The revolution slider is included and also layer slider, so you’ve got options when you try to make the site look the best.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, so it sort of depends on what you need.  Kalium also includes personalized portfolio styles.  Pick a template and add content, it’s just that simple.

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RoProfit WordPress Affiliate Marketing Theme

Review sites and affiliate programs are quite popular these days. The former offers insights on various products or experiences while the latter offers an option for bloggers to make a side income online. With the Roprofit theme for WordPress, you get a theme that can manage the different components required by both review and affiliate marketing sites.

You can display a wide variety of merchandise for sale and have separate tabs on the homepage to categorize these products in. The display is in blocks, making it easy to view. You can display an enticing photo, label it, add the price, and indicate where the product can be purchased from.

Your visitors click on your product links, their purchases will land you commissions from the sites selling products and services.

As for the review, once a product is selected, your visitor will be redirected to a landing page bearing more details about the product for sale. Aside from the general description, they will also gain access to product reviews from other users.

The theme is well-coded and is easy to manipulate should you want to customize some components here and there. With the theme options panel, you can make alterations to the theme without needing any coding experience. There is a text translator as well and the Roprofit theme for WordPress also works across different web browsers.

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Willow WordPress Business Theme

Using a well designed theme can really help you make a lasting first impression. It is highly recommended to develop a portfolio for your artwork by selecting a properly developed, good-looking WordPress theme. This amazing portfolio theme is feature filled, efficient, versatile, nice and easy to use, it’s adaptable, purely responsive and perfectly coded, perfect for promotion companies, graphic designers, advertising agencies, interior decorators or wedding photographers. You’ll want a theme that’s one that delivers countless helpful, popular abilities, professional and responsive so that it works great on any kind of screen, simple to use with a lot of fantastic help and documentation, incredibly flexible so that you can use it on virtually any site and designed to look gorgeous.

If you need a fantastic drag and drop WordPress page builder theme, you should look at a Visual Composer theme, the best known drag and drop site builder plugin for WordPress, since it offers you such an array of features, it’s adaptable enough to work for any sort of website. The Visual Composer plugin supports leading third party plugins such as sliders like Layer or Revolution Sliders, popular forms plugins like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms, WooCommerce, Essential Grid and Contact Form 7. That helps make this beautiful multi-purpose theme unbelievably functional. You’ll love the reasonable price, the incredible powerful features, the user friendly interface, the levels of compatibility and the versatility to produce any type of website. Visual Composer offers the totally responsive design, dozens of content elements, wide ranging template library, highly detailed documentation and well appointed front end editor, and tons more.

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In Shape

In Shape WordPress Personal trainer and Fitness theme

For a lot of people, fitness information is really invaluable these days. And when there are numerous sources for this information online, nothing’s better than having one source for everything that fitness aficionados need. Those who are interested in creating such a comprehensive site can do so using the In Shape theme for WordPress.

The great thing about the In Shape theme for WordPress is that it comes with a modern and simple design. This means that websites based on the theme are simple to use and are easy on the eyes. There are different design components that can be used to customize it as well, even without users having experience with PHP or HTML.

Pre-set layouts and sliders can be used to start the development phase. Users can also utilize a wide array of colors for the overall display. Different fonts are applicable too and it is possible to use a mega menu showcasing the entire site map in one click.

Unlike other fitness themes, the In Shape theme for WordPress offers users the ability to create different categories for content and there is even a calendar function that can be integrated into the overall design. This can be used to organize meal plans as well as exercise regimens.

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