For holiday rentals, for hotels and motels, for creating an AirBnB style site, travel agencies and other travel, accommodations and destinations sites, you have the best collection online. With one of these well crafted resort or vacation rental themes, you will have the ability to present your house in a really professional way, perfect for a number of properties.

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove, WordPress Resort Theme

Paradise Cove is a Hotel and travel theme from ThemeFuse, it’s built to provide an all inclusive web presence for any sort of hotel or resort.  Paradise Cove is responsive, it’s retina ready and the design looks incredible on all kinds of devices.  Specifically made for hotels, you’ll have access to specialized features like room types, a reservations system and with demo content included, you can have this theme set up really quickly.  Paradise Cove also offers a lot of documentation to help get you started, so you’ll be able to solve a lot of issues before they arise.  And if you do happen to run into problems, ThemeFuse is great in terms of support.

The flexible Palermo WordPress Theme features a unique professional design. The theme allows each page to contain a full-page background, which is highly recommended for businesses like hotels and resorts. It may also be used for professional portfolios. Designers are also given the option to use various multimedia content for these backgrounds such as images, slideshows, or videos.  Aside from background images, designers also have access to the theme’s appearance editor with over 30 combinations and appearance settings. Color schemes, logos, and favicons may also be added for brand personalization. Several drag and drop page builders are also compatible with the theme to assist with style editing.

The Palermo WordPress theme is compatible with plugins to ensure top performance. It boasts of being optimized for speed to ensure fast webpage browsing which, in turn, also helps it gain top ranks in search engine. The theme is also compatible with social media widgets to boost promotion.  Updates are also made easy. Palermo offers version updates that are constantly compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. It is also highly responsive, so guests enjoy hassle-free browsing through various devices and platforms. Other notable features of the Palermo WordPress Theme include its translation ready option and retina ready display.

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Oikia, WordPress Resort and Real Estate Themes

With a smooth user experience and a very user friendly design, Oikia is an ideal WordPress real estate theme.  From single property rentals to massive developments, Oikia is a great theme to help you get the word out about what you’re trying to rent.  Oikia is definitely one of the best real estate themes around, whether it’s for independent agents or big real estate agencies.  For resorts, RV campgrounds, condominiums and other real estate and attraction based sites, Oikia is a wonderful choice.

Oikia offers a unique layout that helps you promote your business and if you want to add more unqiue features, the drag and drop page builder makes that possible.  It’s super user friendly, powerful and fun too.  There’s dynamic map filtering for filtering properties by any number of criteria.  Custom widgets add more functionality, including social media integration for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.  Multiple color schemes are available and this responsive, SEO friendly theme comes with tons of documentation and it’s backed up with fantastic support from CSS Igniter.

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Palermo, Premium Resort and Hotel WP Theme

For hotels and resorts, Palermo is a fantastic WordPress theme.  Palermo allows each and every page to show off a fullscreen background image, which could make the difference for somebody who is considering booking your property for a day, a weekend or a week.  It’s sort of the best way to give out all the information you have with a simple, clean-cut layout.  Palermo has a unique design, it’s simple to navigate because the entire setup is so visual in nature.  With extremely simple but robust custom settings available, your site can look amazing and load up rapidly too because it’s SEO optimized from the inside out.  If you want to show off your resort property or hotel in style, this is definitely a good option.

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Zermatt, Apartment Rental and Resorts Theme

Zermatt has it all.  A booking form, built right into your website, flexible layout that’s responsive and looks amazing on all devices.  A drag & drop page builder so you can create a site that looks precisely like you want it to look, right out of the box.  A beautiful weather module that plugs into any widgetized area, letting guests know what the weather is like at your resort or holiday destination.  Full color control, multiple custom widgets and more are what make Zermatt one of the finest ‘next generation’ hotel and resort themes on the market.

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Hotelia, Clean and Modern Resort Theme

As a hotel owner or any kind of entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, you’ll need a website theme that will represent the level of service that you provide in your hotel. Therefore, it has to be hospitable, easy to navigate, and undoubtedly stylish. At the same time, you’ll want something functional, something that will help cut your job in half. Hotelia is an elegant WordPress theme that has everything you need to make your virtual visitors want to be your hotel’s guests. Hotelia comes complete with a fully functional booking system. Reserving a room is as easy as selecting dates in the calendar, entering check-in and check-out dates, and typing in the number of rooms and guests. Because this theme is WooCommerce-compatible, soon-to-be clients can book and pay all in one place. Meanwhile, you can monitor your incoming and outgoing transactions all without having to leave your WordPress Admin.

The Visual Composer and the Slider Revolution are premium plugins which come free when you use Hotelia as a theme. When purchased separately, they amount to almost $50. With Hotelia, you can enjoy the easy drag-and-drop technology to create a customized site for your business even without web development background and in no time at all. Hotelia’s other tasteful features include the sticky menu, smooth sliders, graceful transitions, and the remarkable parallax and hover effects. Hotelia also enables you to create video backgrounds and virtual tours to make your site completely interactive. Since your business’s target clients are tourists, people should be able to use your site even while they’re on the go. This is why Hotelia’s web design is fully responsive, meaning it fits itself to all types of screen sizes. What’s more, people these days rarely book a hotel room or a tour without a strong recommendation from their peers. It’s for this reason that Hotelia allows you to add a Guestbook page where guests can share their feedbacks and testimonials.

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Milos, Resort and Holiday Property WordPress Theme

The Milos WordPress theme is a excellent selection for building a web site for your hotel, resort or holiday property. From the layout to the attributes, Milos is designed to provide a professional look to your property. You may embed the reservation service of your choice in any page or post, as a result of shortcodes., Expedia and AirBNB are all supported and you just copy, paste and you are on your way to earning money! There is a restaurant menu manager also, assuming your hotel has a restaurant or room service, so you won’t need to get another theme or cobble together a page that does not look quite perfect. Video and slider support means that you can embed or self host great looking video clips or use bold, beautiful pictures to highlight features of your hotel or hotel.

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Santorini, Hotel and Resort WordPress Theme

Santorini is an all around winner for your hotel, resort or other rental property, it even works as a great single property real estate theme.  Santorini has it all, it showcases your property with grace, beautiful images and lots of features that make your property stand out.  With a unique design, promoting your property is a breeze.  The booking form is a very nice touch, customers can request a reservation at your hotel or resort with just a few clicks and it’s easy to use on the back end too.  Santorini works even when you’re asleep.  It’s like the best employee in the world.

Santorini has a flexible homepage too, either full width or fixed.  Both are great choices since they’re completely responsive, but one of them may be more attractive to you depending on your site’s style and your personal taste.  Show off important content with a slider and place content in one of three widgetized areas of the homepage.  Use those custom widgets to create a memorable and unique layout.  One more thing, Santorini is SEO friendly too, it integrates with All in One SEO as well as Yoast, which means you can manage your SEO easily, ensuring your posts and pages are perfectly optimized for high rankings.

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Vega, WordPress Hotel and Hostel Theme

Vega has the capability to bring your hotel or youth hostel business into a new era, if you’ve been thinking about rebranding your website, this theme may be a good choice.  eCommerce is not a problem with Vega.  Here is an effectively constructed, eye-catching, crisp and ground-breaking Bootstrap built template that can help you put together the site of your dreams. This Bootstrap theme is high-powered, it’s been carefully created with all types of end user at heart, from rookie to experienced professional. With the latest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this template is amazing for weblogs and businesses of any kind, given that this template is an incredible powerful and fun multi-use website template, suitable for absolutely everyone. Even if are a new comer to WordPress, you may use this theme to produce a cool and fantastic web site almost instantly, since basically every thing in this design may be edited, even by neophyte WP consumers. It doesn’t make a difference exactly what material you may have, from graphics to blog articles, products as well as anything else, this WordPress theme will help you to create a wonderful looking design on any electronic device, given that it is wholly responsive too. There is a lot of other functions that will assist you keep building an audience and genuinely engage with them.

Vega is simple to get started with, it installs promptly and there are various plugins that you might employ to offer brand new functions for your site. A beautiful responsive theme is vital, which is the reason this beautiful, functional template has been created to be completely responsive, so it appears impressive on each and every smart device, every time. You can rapidly put together your own one of a kind design variations utilizing this beautiful theme, because it’s so modifiable as well as dynamic, skillfully designed and designed in each and every way. This is certainly an undoubtedly terrific WordPress theme you need to absolutely consider.

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Riverside Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Theme

This is Riverside, a high quality WordPress resort destination and hotel theme.  This one has a lot going for it, so you should definitely check out the demo and information below, but here’s a taste of what Riverside brings to the table.  Like the vast majority of modern themes, Riverside is perfectly responsive, it allows you to translate your site into any language you want and the demo content can be installed within minutes of installing your theme.  You’ll have the hotel-specific ability to customize descriptions and images for each of the rooms your hotel or resort has, there is  online booking functionality and Riverside really makes your content shine with the modern, clean presentation.  As with all themes created by Tesla Themes, the support is fast and friendly.  Overall, this theme is well worth considering for your resort or hotel needs.

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