Best Fast Loading WordPress Themes

Feel the need for speed?  We’ve got you covered with the fastest loading WordPress themes around.

A fast loading website is a great thing to behold.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, but the biggest reason?  It helps your rankings.

No kidding.

Google has decided that a fast loading theme should actually be a ranking factor.  In fact, I’ve found out the hard way that this is absolutely true.  I was using a bloated theme that I won’t name, found that my traffic had slipped a little bit.  Poking around and talking to some SEO friends, I foud out that my site’s load speed may have been a factor.


So, I installed a fast loading theme and the difference has been incredible.  Without doing anything else, I saw a big bounce in traffic and there’s really nothing else I can attribute it to.  Now, you may not have been using a slow, bloated ‘premium’ theme like the one I was using, so your results may vary.  But the one thing I guarantee is this, these are some of the fastest themes available as rated by GTMetrix.

Here they are, the best fast loading WordPress themes around.

That’s pretty darned fast.  Of course, the lack of images helps and only 16 requests on the home page is relatively few.  If you value speed over all else, it’s certainly worth a shot.

WooCommerce ready, responsive, fast loading and attractive, I think this theme could do the trick for a lot of writers.

More incredible, fast loading WordPress themes to come very soon.

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