All The Very Best WordPress Theme Collections

I’ve decided to shut this site down, but I’m moving all of my content over to a brand new website called Templified.  This is going to be a fantastic place for all of the best WordPress themes money can buy.  Oh yeah, and a few freebies thrown in there for good measure.  So, if you need a great looking theme, you may want to have a look at our new headquarters.  These themes are all made for, meaning you’ll need a hosting account to make the most of them.

We’re still going to review tons of great looking themes, making sure they’re all top quality with the sorts of features everybody needs these days.  Responsive deisgns, easy customization options and a boatload of flexibility.  So, if any of these collections do anything for you, why not check them out to see what you can see?

You may be into some creative stuff, which means that these agency WordPress themes could be up your alley.  It’s a pretty big collection and we keep growing it every day.  For more traditional portfolios, we’ve got another collection that does a really nice job of displaying all sorts of content.  Then again, these creative themes for WordPress are really strong.  Well designed and easy to use, that’s the baseline for what we include in any of our collections.  So, if you see it here, it’s bound to be a fantastic theme for any sort of use.  Almost forgot the shutterbugs.  Check that collection out for some amazing WordPress photography themes that will make your images look incredible.  And if video is more your thing, our video blog and portfolio themes collection is pretty tough to beat.

What about bloggers?  Well, we’re not shy about making sure bloggers have a lot of great options for displaying content.  You’ve got a wide array of personal blog themes that work great for any sort of blogger.  If you’re into food blogs, there’s a great selection to be had in that collection as well.  For the novelist, poet or other type of writer, we’ve made a really nice selection of themes that are perfect for writers.  If you’d like to see some magazine themes, this collection of magazine themes is the best in the business.  It’s filled with great looking stuff that works amazingly well for any sort of online magazine.  Similar to that, this collection of journal themes is a wonderful option for building an online journal to share your thoughts with the world.  There’s even a collection specifically made for restaurants, who always have a little bit of a different set of needs.

Should I go on?

But what if you want to sell products?  A couple of good options spring to mind, our collection of business WordPress themes is a basic collection of corporate style themes that lend themselves to almost any sort of startup, a new application launch or a more traditional brick and mortar business.  For actually selling products, there’s a wide range of eCommerce themes available.  That’s always a great place to start your search for the absolute best eCommerce templates anywhere.  For those who prefer to stick to WooCommerce, we’ve got a huge amount of WooCommerce WordPress themes that can make your life a lot easier.  Getting the message out there about what you have to sell, that can be a big challenge.  These themes give you a solid starting place or foundation for building your business.

We’ve got a collection of landing page themes and some more just for marketing.  There’s something for everybody in these collections.

Flat themes and grid themes give very different presentations to your content and they can also be a fine way to make sure your content stands out.  Sometimes, all you need is one page to get the message across.  Oh, let’s not forget the minimalists among us.  We’ve made quite a collection of minimalist WordPress themes and it’s probably one of our most popular posts.

We’ve made a great collection of BuddyPress themes for building an online community, a feminine themes compilation for women who need a well structured theme that has a distinctive feminine style.  And what about kids?  We’ve got themes for them too.  Oh yeah, if you’re getting married, these wedding themes can make the big event go off without a hitch.  Well, hopefully you do get hitched.


The list goes on and on, to be honest.

So, that’s all we have for now.  We’re probably not coming back to check on this site, so check out those collections to see what works for your needs.